Registered Wineries
All members of the DO “Terra Alta” are listed in the Register of the Consell Regulador (Registre de Cellers del Consell Regulador), it includes the people, holding companies and industries that are involved in wine production. In the Register there are wineries (wine manufacturers), wearhouses (non-wine making), businesses that perform the ageing process and companies that pack and/or bottle the wine. Three out of four businesses are registered to carry out all three key processes of the production stage: the production, ageing and packing, while only a small proportion of these businesses perform these stages separately or in isolation. We should also point out that a very distinctive element that exists in the majority of cases is the vineyard owners themselves. These conditions, either through ownership or family co-operative partnerships, facilite the management of wine production.

You can find out more information on any one of the Wineries by clicking on the relevant icon of each winery under “Directory” “Directori” of this section, or you can download the “Directory of Wineries" document, the link for which appears below.

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