A modern institution in the service of the DO “Terra Alta”
The Consell Regulador is the entity that manages the apellation “Terra Alta”. In the beginning it was established as a decentralised administration office of the Government of Catalonia and from this the DOTA was officially recognised as the DO “Terra Alta” in 1982 until 2005, when a new law, 15/2002, of 27 June, was made to regulate wine making, the Consell Regulador has full legal capacity to work towards the development of its functions and reconstituted itself as a public corporation.

Always placing emphasis on the values of the terroir, the vineyards and the culture that depicts the denomination of origin, the Consell Regulador combines the management, both public and private, to represent, guarantee, defend and promote the DO “Terra Alta” with a view to stimulating the development of the vinicultural sector in the Terra Alta, a value to be considered by the consumers of these fine wines.

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