The "Terra Alta" wines
The singularity of “Terra Alta” is due to the “inside Mediterranean” condition of the terroir, the predominance of traditional varieties and the existence of a wine culture with its own identity. This link and the features that define the quality of this wine are collected in the DO “Terra Alta” Product Specification.

The guarantee of “Terra Alta” is set by the Consell Regulador through a basic self-monitoring system in each product lot, as well as the tracking of the traceability from the vintage to the bottle. However, an annual audit certifies that each winery carries out the Product Specification. The Consell Regulador protect 8 kinds of products: white wine, rosé wine, red wine, four liquor wines and one sparkling. The hallmark that guarantees the origin and quality of each “lot” is the numbered back label. It is a numbered tag present in all bottles or wine containers which make reference to the Denominació d’Origen “Terra Alta”.

Provably, everybody agree that strength and character are the main virtues of these wines. In other words, the “Terra Alta” are wines with body and soul.

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