Regulation, control, certification and promotion service
The Consell Regulador is composed by viticulturists and wineries that are committed to the DO “Terra Alta” as a generic strategy of quality assurance, distinction and projection in the market. The Governing Committee, the President, the Secretary and a professional technical team form the structural organisation of the corporation.

The corporation has territorial juristiction over the protected products and where they are, produced, stored, aged and packaged together with the protected products themselves; and the people that form part of the collective. The development of the functions are granted by law, as well as others that are considered necessary to obtain the objectives of the denomination of origin, they form five strategic groups.

- The REGULATION of the conditions of production, making, ageing and packing and the specific characteristics of the protected wines contained in the The Specifications of the DO Terra Alta (el Plec de Condicions).

- The observation and CONTROL of the operators (viticulturists and wineries) and the movement of the protected products while providing tools and working systems to ensure the quality and traceability of the protected products.

- The CERTIFICATION of the wineries towards the fulfullment of the conditions required for the protected products through an external auditor.

- Provide TECHNICAL SERVICES to operators, giving support to their production management through the provision of services and promoting or supporting studies and research on subjects of interest to the denomination of origin.

- The PROMOTION of the denomination of origin “Terra Alta” the umbrella brand that identifies the origin and quality of the protected wines.

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