Wines of the Terra Alta with guarantee of origin and quality certification (DO “Terra Alta”)
The Egyptians were the pioneers in attributing quality to a wine in relation to its origin. Almost 4000 years later in the mid 20th century, l’Arreglo de Lisboa (The arrangement of Lisbon) (1958) defined the denomination of origin as the geographical name to refer to a product, the quality of which is due exclusively and essentially to the land that constitutes a certain region. The geographical origin is, without doubt, one of the most important attributes that is considered when choosing a wine.

In Europe, wine is the product pioneer in the field of the protected denominations of origin (DOP). The link that exists between the product and the territory is explained through the terroir (geographical situation, geomorphology and climatology); the vineyards and the grape varieties; the culture (history, tradition and know-how) and the types of wines that have this recognition. Throughout the world, where possible, there are enormous possibilities for the interaction of all the elements that characterize these aspects so that it is practically impossible to find two fine wines that are identical.

Today, the European Union sets the guidelines to guarantee the origin and quality of products protected by a geographical indication or DOP and administer the GUARANTEE OF ORIGIN AND QUALITY traditionally known in the case of wines as “denomination of origin” (DO). These are the unique wines which have certified information on their geographical origin and various attributes and qualities. All of these requirements must be proved by the wineries and the protected wines are kept on one single document, The Specifications of the DO Terra Alta (el Plec de Condicions de la DO “Terra Alta”).

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