A sustainable viticulture with its own identity
There are vineyards in every type of landscape, the plain, plateau and valley and are especially concentrated in the third central area of production between 350 and 550 metres. The terrace is the farmland component that is most common and it is as a consequence of the interaction of the farmland and the varied orography that can be seen in the terrain arranging them on different orientations and slopes, often among dry stone walls, riverbanks or covered with vegetation both serving to avoid the loss of farm soil through erosion. The most traditional location for these terraces are on the plains and slopes, the differences for inferior slopes or superior ones is 10%, respectively. The rest of the vineyards can be found on terraces made in the slopes and in the valleys, the latter of which naturally benefit from more rainwater due to their location.

The predominance of the traditional grape varieties is the other defining feature of the viticulture of the DOTA and it is mainly through the Garnatxa where this fact is most evident. White and red Garnatxa and Garnatxa peluda are the main varieties of grape. Together with Macabeu, Parellada and Samsó make up ¾ of the farmland area. As for the rest of the grape varieties classified by the DOTA, the general character and characteristics of the terroir make an average and late ripening time allowing the wine to develope the viticulture character in the production zone.

The results of these interactions with the terroir and the vine growing culture, except in circumstances beyond our control, is environmentally friendly. The viticulture practice of the DOTA and the grape harvest is typified by optimal phytosanitary conditions, a well ripened grape and enologic value of the vinification of the protected wines.

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